What is hair loss?


Hair loss can be termed as destruction of healthy hair follicles to a large extent. Destruction of healthy hair follicles usually makes them loose on the scalp as a result of which loss of hair is experienced. Growth and rejuvenation of healthy hair follicles fail to occur when patients experience intensive loss of hair. Excessive loss of hair needs redressal immediately as this might lead to permanent baldness.

Natural Hair Transplant in Mumbai:

Mumbai is known to be the business capital of India, long since. The city supports a huge load of population, and is claimed to be one of the busiest cities across India. Due to rising issues concerning pollution, the population in Mumbai has started to experience loss of hair off late. This has been attributed to a huge level of pollution which affects Mumbai to a large extent.

Keeping in mind, the rising demands of hair transplantation, Natural Hair Transplant Clinic have opened their branch recently in Mumbai. Located conveniently, we are now ready with a state of the art infrastructure to serve the patients from Mumbai. To know more log on to our website for details.

Why do patients choose NHT in Mumbai?

Here are a few points why you should choose NHT in Mumbai.

  1. Well experienced and qualified doctors – This can be a unique advantage for the patient. Our team of doctors had practiced in international locations and is currently roped in as consultants. They can help you with every single detail related to hair transplant services.
  2. State-of the art infrastructure – This is something that NHT can boast of. With the help of a state of the art infrastructure, we continuously look forward to an ultimate comfort level for patients suffering from hair transplantation services.
  3. Cheap costs – Our services are within your budgets. We provide various schemes and discounts for patients who reach us out to undergo hair transplantation services.
  4. An interactive customer care department – Above all, we can boast of an interactive customer care division where staffs are always ready to serve you with a smile.