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Hair Transplant in Varanasi

Whether you are suffering from the problem of hair loss or not, it is always better to treat your scalp in a gentle manner; because today’s concern of hair loss can become the complicated case of baldness tomorrow. By adapting some of the regular tips and techniques, you can not only protect your original hair, but also the transplanted hair, after the treatment of hair transplant in Varanasi.

Initial Step of Hair Transplantation:

If you wish to get rid of baldness forever, then don’t just wait. Submit the query at Natural Hair Transplant or you can directly contact us. The consultation at our hair transplant clinics in Varanasi is absolutely free of cost. You do not have to spend single penny on the consultation session. In your first visit, the hair transplant surgeon will analyze your baldness & health conditions and then he will decide whether you are eligible for the surgery or not. If you are found to be an ideal candidate for hair transplant, then the surgeon will further describe you the hair transplant cost, number of grafts and sittings required.

Post-Treatment Care & Expectations:

  • The patient does not have to suffer from any major headache or discomfort and in case there is such problem, then it will be resolved in 24 hours.
  • In case of experiencing tight scalp, numbness, swelling, aching for a long time, it is recommended to take the advice of your hair transplant doctor, so that he can suggest you the appropriate medication.
  • It is better to take rest for 2-4 days after the surgery, so that you can recover well. After 3-4 days, you can return to work and resume your daily routine life.
  • Avoid any heavy activity or exercise for 3-4 weeks, because the blood flow to your scalp can increase due to such activities which can further lead to bleeding.
  • The hair transplant area will return back to its normal state in 3rd or 4th week after the hair loss treatment.
  • After 4-5 months, there will be 70%-80% of new hair growth which will gradually continue to grow and become denser as the final outcome of hair transplantation.

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Dr. MM Gupta

MD Dermatologist, Hair Transplant Surgeon
Location : Varanasi

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