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Hair transplant in Surat

Hair transplantation in Surat is a surgical procedure in which the hair is implanted in the area with a bald head. Generally, for the hair transplantation, the surgeon removes the hair from the back of the person's head and implants on the bald area. Before the hair transplantation, the scalp is numbed by giving local anaesthesia to the person. After transplanting the hair, it is also advisable to take some medicines to avoid pain, swelling and infections to the patient.

It is very easy to do hair transplants in today's time. Hair transplant treatment is the best option for those people who have a hair problem or those who have bald patches on the scalp. Do you know now that people can get hair transplants in Surat, whose hair has been damaged years ago or those who are battling the problem of baldness?

Due to the advancement of medical science, hair transplantation has become very easy and popular. Hair transplant i.e. hair surgery can be done comfortably not only abroad but also in metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Agra, Surat of India. But the question arises that what should be done for hair transplants. What are the tips that should be adopted before the hair transplant? So let's learn about hair transplant tips.

What things to keep in mind

  • Carefully choose the hair transplant clinic - if you are thinking of transplanting the hair, then be careful about from where you are transplanting hair. i.e. take care of both the quality and place of the clinic. You should not go for any hair transplant clinic just by looking at an ad, but be careful with this.

  • Choosing best hair transplant doctor - Before Hair Transplant, keep in mind how the doctor is like, whether the doctor is a hair transplant specialist or general doctor. Choose the specialist for hair transplants because it is not possible to have a hair transplant again and again.

  • Keep in mind the cost of hair transplant in Surat - keep in mind the budget before getting a hair transplant. In fact, doing hair transplants is very expensive, so first ask for the full budget. Then take this and the next step.

  • Information about Techniques - Before Hair Transplant, you should also know about the techniques that are being used for you. Although the new techniques for hair transplantation, Follicular Unit Hair Transplant (FUT) and Follicular Unit Separation Extraction (FUE) are used more as they can handle severe conditions.

The process of hair transplantation

After the normal blood and physical examination, local anaesthesia is given on the scalp. In which the person does not have much pain. The dose of the anaesthesia is given according to the weight of the patient. Approximately 5- 8 hours are taken to complete this process. During this, the patient can also eat some food in the middle of the process. The patient will be discharged from the hospital immediately after the transplant. By taking some general caution, the patient can return to his routine.

What to do and what not

  • Before surgery, you should wash your hair twice in the morning.

  • You should wear loose clothes so that there is no problem during surgery.

  • However you can leave your head open after surgery, but the dressing is done for a night.

  • You should make good arrangements for your visit so that you can go from the comfort of your house to the clinic of hair transplantation in Surat.

  • If you are diabetic, then you should consult with our expert doctors on the day of surgery how you should take insulin and diabetes tablets. Our doctors will guide you through.

  • You should not take aspirin or any type of antibiotic and hard medicines for a week before the hair transplant. But if a serious illness is undergoing treatment, then you should definitely consult about with our expert team.

  • Alcohol, smoking and vitamin A, B etc. supplements should not be taken even one week before surgery.

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