Hair Transplant in Rourkela

Checking the eligibility of the person for hair transplant in rourkela is a mandatory step that requires some basic examinations like blood test.

  • Though age is not a major issue to decide the person’s eligibility, but the hair transplant specialists do not recommend this surgery for the people with young age. The persons having age above 30 are considered as the ideal candidates.
  • The person should have good and stable medical condition with strong immune system. The individuals suffering from any infection or diseases like diabetes, thyroid etc, should consult with some of the well-reputed hair transplant clinics in Rourkela.
  • Another eligibility criterion is to have the sufficient amount of hair on the donor area; because the whole transplant procedure lies on the number of hair follicles available.

Why to choose FUE Hair Transplant?

Though FUE hair transplant cost in rourkela is comparatively higher than the cost of FUT technique, but we cannot ignore the benefits of FUE hair transplant over FUT method.

Let’s get some information about the benefits of FUE technique:

  • Invisible Scars: In order to minimize the scar appearance, the hair transplant doctors take thinner strips from the donor area.
  • Widely Used: Being the stitch-less and scar-less procedure of hair transplant, FUE technique has been used in more than 90% of baldness cases.
  • Faster Recovery : This surgical hair loss treatment does not require any hospitalization and it results into effective recovery.
  • High Success Rate: Due to medical advancements, the success rate of this hair transplant technique is very high as it provides expected outcomes.

Now you might be thinking about the best and appropriate option from where you can get the affordable treatment that will suit your budget. Here, we have come up with the one-stop solution for all your problems and that solution is known as Natural Hair Transplant (NHT). NHT is a panel of topmost hair transplant clinics in India having highly trained and experienced surgeons. You can get a free consultation with our experts in which you can clear your doubts regarding the cost and number of grafts required. In order to bring the adorable smile of confidence on the patient’s face, we assure the finest standards of hair restoration procedure and the best post-treatment care.

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Hair Transplant in Rourkela, Jharsuguda, Deogarh

If You are planning to have hair loss treatment via Hair Transplant in Rourkela, Jharsuguda, Deogarh then Natural Hair Transplant is the best option for you as We have the expert team of world class doctors and well equiped clinics. Scalp micropgmentation, Robotic Hair Transplant, NeoGraft, FUE ( Follicular Hair extraction), Bio-FUE are the techniques we are using for hair transplant to get best and Desired results. Patients from nearby cities such as Biramitrapur, Bondamunda, Hatibandha, Jalda, Kansbahal, Lattikata, Mandiakudar, Panposh, Rajgangpur, Tensa, Bandhabahal, Jharsuguda, Lakhanpur, Sarapali, Balam, Pardhanapat, Barakot, Nalkul, Sarapal also having hair transplant from our Clinics due to the less cost, assured results and free consultation. PRP ( Plasma rich platelets ) Therapy , Mesothrapy also used to prevent further hair loss.


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