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Hair transplant in Ranchi

Hair transplant in Ranchi is a surgical and popular method to restore the lost hair, under which thick hair from the back or side of the head is transplanted to the area where there is no hair. This full process might take eight to ten weeks and this surgery is done only by specialist doctors. Hair transplant doctors in Ranchi says that due to lack of donor hair in some individuals, their chest and beard hair can also be transplanted on the head. But usually it is the practice hair transplanting head hair.

What are the methods of hair transplant in Ranchi

FUT method (strip process)
  • The entire history of the hair of the person is read, why the hair disappeared, it is also studied.
  • The area of baldness is protected.
  • Donor area (from which to take hair) is also defined.
  • A long strip of hair is removed from the donor area under surgery
  • In the area of baldness, the extracted hair follicles are transplanted with the help of stitches.
  • After transplant the head is secured with bandages for a day.
  • In the donor area, soluble stitches are also applied which recover in a few days.

FUE Hairline Grafting

FUE Hairline grafting is also a method of hair transplant. If the hair in the front of the head is less then it cannot be cured by using strip technique. In such a case, one by one hair is carefully grafted. It also takes seven to eight hours of time and the patient is given local anesthesia means by he is awake but scalp is numb to reduce the pain. But the advantage of this process is that it does not have any stitches or marks on the head. Even the patient does not feel that surgery has happened.

What are the results of Hair Transplant?

New hair starts coming in two weeks to three weeks in the affected area of baldness. These hairs are all natural and same color as other hair. In two to three weeks small tiny hair comes which later becomes taller and overcomes baldness. Its beauty is that these hair grow strongly like head hair and permanent hair grows and it continue to grow throughout life because donor hair is not genetically affected by the hormones.

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