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Hair Transplant in Patna

Hair is a powerful part of our body that has the ability to change our overall personality. So it becomes our prior duty to take care of our hair in the required manner. Thick hair is like a dream for people having low density or for people suffering from intensive hair fall problems. Thanks to the medical advancements which have provided us with great options to convert this dream into reality. The technique of hair transplant in Patna for your surgery depends on your health conditions and the level of your baldness.

How useful and effective the hair transplant surgery is?

You can get this estimation from the fact that many celebrities have also undergone from these surgical treatments. Hair loss or baldness is not a concern for commoners only, but some celebrities have to suffer from this problem as well. They adopt the hair loss treatment because their profession does not allow them to compromise with their looks. The surgeon will not directly make you aware about the number of grafts and the hair transplant cost in Patna. The initial step in this procedure is to check out whether the candidate is an ideal candidate or not for this surgical treatment. For this purpose, the surgeon would analyze your complete health conditions based on some basic examinations like blood test etc. Apart from hair transplantation on the scalp, there are also other treatments available, such as:

  • Moustache & Beard Hair Reconstruction: Moustache & Beard are considered as the signs of masculinity & manhood. The majority of teenagers enjoy the feeling of manhood when their hair starts sprouting. But in some cases, they do not get beard or moustache properly even after the teenage; or some men start losing hair due to the conditions like traction alopecia, scarring, burn, trauma, infection etc.

    The team of hair transplant doctors at Natural Hair Transplant has achieved successful & satisfied results in the surgeries of moustache & beard hair reconstruction.

    • FUE is the most appropriate technique for this surgery.
    • At an average rate, around 2000 to 2500 grafts are transplanted in moustache & beard transplant surgery.
    • The patient should be in his good mental and medical condition.
    • The hairs follicles are extracted from the side and back of the patient’s head. Thus, the head and face both are analyzed completely by the surgeon before the commencement of surgery.

  • Eyebrow Reconstruction: In case you don’t have perfectly arched eyebrows because of low density or some other problem, you should contact to Natural Hair Transplant; because our panel of hair transplant clinics in Patna have the efficiency to provide you symmetrical & dark eyebrows.

    The main causes of eyebrow hair loss are given below:

    • Genetic Thin Eyebrow
    • Radiation and Chemotherapy
    • Burns
    • Ageing
    • Over Plucking of Eyebrows
    • Thyroid Disorders

Filling your thin and missing eyebrows can enhance your personality and looks. After the eyebrow reconstruction surgery, you’ll definitely become more confident about yourself.

You can also fill your eyebrows with available makeup products in the market, but they are all temporary solutions having side effects because of the chemicals present in them. Thus, Eyebrow Transplant is a good & ineradicable option to make your eyebrows appear fuller.

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