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Hair Transplant in Jodhpur

Hair Loss and Baldness are serious concerns or worries which can occupy your thoughts for a longer time. There are some medications available in the market, which result into hair re-growth in very less time. These medications are less expensive as compared to hair transplant cost. But did you ever realize that how harmful these medications are? No doubt, they can provide you good results; but in actual, these results are temporary and once you stop taking these medicines, your hair will start falling off again. Furthermore, these medicines also have a lot of side effects on your health. To make you aware about the right and genuine ways of hair related problems, we have come up with the two most appropriate and long-lasting solutions- one is for hair fall and the other is for baldness.

  • PRP Therapy: For Hair Fall Concern
  • Hair Transplant in Jodhpur: For Baldness Problem

PRP Therapy: This is the process of inducing the patient’s own blood plasma into the scalp area that is affected by hair fall problem. Injecting the blood plasma is not the only task. Initially, the blood taken from the patient’s body is a mixture of red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets and plasma. In the process of filtration, the white blood cells and red blood cells are removed and the processed blood is known as Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)- a mixture of plasma and platelets. This concentration of blood is then injected into the scalp of the patient. It promotes the hair growth and also prevents the remaining hair from falling off. Hair Transplant: As we all know that hair loss treatment is a surgical procedure that involves the process of extracting the existing hair follicles and transplanting them into the bald area to cover the baldness or hair loss patterns. There are multiple techniques available for hair transplant; but the most commonly used and recommended by hair transplant doctors are FUT and FUE hair transplant. Natural Hair Transplant is your one-stop destination; because here, you can get the best option of hair transplant clinic in Jodhpur for both the cases: hair fall and baldness.

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