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There will hardly be a person, who does not want a thick, strong hair, but today's unhealthy and stressful life has created many problems like hair loss and baldness as a side effect, but this modern lifestyle has made this difficult. One of the best and effective solutions to this problem is hair transplant, which is a process that can help to grow the hair again. This technique has become very popular in India over the past two decades but due to the costly technology, only rich people and film stars used to take advantage of it but gradually its new approach which has reached to the common man as well and now hair transplantation in Guwahati has become comparatively simpler and cheaper.

What is a hair transplant?

Hair transplant in Guwahati is a surgical and cosmetic procedure in which the hair follicles from behind or side of the head is dense and removed and are transplanted in the head area where there is no hair. This also helps in improving the status of the scalp and improving the structure of the hair. The longer the process, the higher the expenditure. Usually, it costs up to 35 to 70 thousand rupees. It can be even more on the basis of individual special status.

  • Strip method(FUT)- In the strip method, the history of the hair of the person is studied. After examination, during surgery, a long strip of hair from the donor area of the head is removed including hair and hair follicles, the strip is further divided into sections and hair follicles are extracted and transplanted in the affected area. The donor area is then stitched.

  • FUE Procedure - If the hairline in the front of the head is receding then it cannot be cured with strip method. In such a situation, after giving local anaesthesia to the patient's grafts are extracted one-by-one and then transplanted. And there are no stitches in this method. Doctors say that the Follicular Unit Extraction in Guwahati (FUE) technique is not a surgery, but a procedure in which the small and circular incisions are made. This process is completed more than one to two hours and two days. The wounds that occur during the process are healed in seven to ten days. This process takes 6-8 hours and at the same time 8-10 best hair transplant doctors in Guwahati work on team formation. The patient can go home the same day and start his work from the next day. This method works mostly in most cases due to this convenience. The cost of hair transplant in Guwahati depends on various factors like location, clinic, doctor, number of grafts and your health conditions. While the cost of the equipment used in this process is also added, whereas the advanced technique for the FUE method involves the cost of grafting per hair from 50 to 60 rupees. In one sitting approx, 2000 grafts can be transplanted. Hair transplant in Guwahati is an easy process and satisfactory results have made it popular.

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