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To overcome baldness, nowadays there are many advanced technologies in the market. Broadly, this whole process is called hair restoration. There are two ways of hair restoration. First surgical and second non-surgical, under surgical comes hair transplantation and non-surgical hair weaving, bonding, silicon systems and tapping. At NHT clinics Dehradun, we make every effort to meet the international standards of hygiene and fully sterilized clinics. We have full arrangements of all the latest techniques and technology required to carry such complicated and surgery that requires minute detailing. Our highly qualified doctors and surgeons make it possible to give maximum success rate.

What is Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplantation is an artistic and surgical method, with the help of the back and side part of the head, beard, and chest hairs are transplanted in the bald portion of the head. These hairs are permanent and hence they stay forever. The reason is that the hair of the back and side parts of the head usually does not fall. After about two weeks of implantation they begin to grow and after one year they begin to see full impression and they look like natural hair. The beauty of this is that they are permanent and goes lifelong, although some cases have also been seen in which these hairs ends with age as well. The area where hair is taken is called the donor area.

How does it happen

FUE Method: In Strip Method, where the donor area is transplanted using a strip, while in FUE(Follicular Unit Extraction) method the follicle/grafts are transplanted one by one. It takes 6 to 8 hours in one sitting. In this, 2000, the follicles can be transplanted. There is no need to get admitted, you can go home the same day. If baldness does not go away, then the patient can be called for a second sitting. The second setting takes place after six months to one year.

Hair Transplant Cost in Dehradun

The cost of hair transplant in Dehradun depends on the history of the patient, reasons of baldness, hair transplant clinic in Dehradun and the number of the grafts required to get the desired results. This procedure sounds expensive to many but it is the most cost-effective solution. The reason for being expensive is that the hair transplant doctor in Dehradun has to do all the work in it. As it is very critical surgery so the doctors/surgeons need to be well qualified and experienced. So the cost is calculated after evaluating everything.

Hair coming after hair transplantation is exactly like your natural hair. They will grow exactly like natural hair.

  • You can cut them, shampoo, and apply oil and even comb.
  • You can colour these hairs or you can give the desired style.
  • You can also cut them. After some days they will come again.- Hair transplants that have been transplanted, they remain soft. They do not fall. Although in some cases it has been observed that these hair starts falling apart as the ageing progresses.

Tell the doctor if- There is a chronic disease like diabetes, hypertension and metabolic disorders.

  • If there is an electronic device like a pacemaker in the body.
  • Allergic to certain drugs.
  • If you are taking any medicines for a particular disease.

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