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Hair Transplant in Coimbatore

We understand that most of the patients get scared when a doctor recommend any surgical treatment for the improvement of their health conditions. But this thing is not completely applicable in case of hair transplant surgeries. The process of hair transplant in Coimbatore has become very easy with the development of advanced technologies and medical instruments. There are not any major risks involved in these surgeries and this is the reason that more and more people have started opting for this solution rather than going for medications and other temporary options.

Hair Transplant Cost in Coimbatore

  • No doubt, the location of the hair transplant clinic matters in the estimation of hair transplant cost in Coimbatore, but above than that, there are other factors that hold more importance such as technology used and the level of expertise of the surgeon.
  • Considering only the brand or reputation of clinic is not a wise decision, the experience of surgeon is what you should precisely focus upon.
  • Always choose the surgeon who has minimum 8-10 years of experience. The higher the number of surgeries he have performed, the more he will be able to handle the complications in the surgeries efficiently.
  • You can also consult with more than one hair transplant doctors in Coimbatore for your satisfaction.

The Detailed Procedure of FUE (Follicular Hair Extraction) Hair Transplant:

  • The process of harvesting hair on the patient’s scalp includes the extraction of only healthy hair follicles from the donor area.
  • In some cases, in which the patients have long hair at the side and back of the head, the hairs need to be trimmed so that the surgeon can easily visualize the donor area for the extraction of individual hair follicles.
  • In order to facilitate the whole process of extraction, the surgeons make use of local anesthesia so as to numb the donor area.
  • The length of hair strip that is going to be removed depends on the number of grafts to be transplanted on the bald area.
  • After extraction, the hair strip will be divided into multiple hair grafts. Now, these hair grafts contains single or 2-3 hair follicle units.
  • For the purpose of inserting the grafts on the recipient area, the surgeon creates small puncture sites. With the development of advanced technologies, there are also special implanters available at the hair transplant clinics, which are particularly designed for the process of implanting hair.
  • The utmost important thing that has to be precisely taken care of is the appropriate angle and orientation of the hairline position.

Recovery Procedure:

  • It will take only 2-4 weeks and your hair follicles will appear to grow.
  • After that, the new hair will shed away and it will look like that you have lost your new hair. Relax! There is nothing to worry about, as this process is also a part of the whole recovery procedure.
  • Finally, the new and long-lasting re-growth of your transplanted hair will actually begins and you’ll start noticing it in about 2-4 months.
  • Then with the passage of time, you’ll achieve the full thickness and density on your scalp as the result of your hair loss treatment. In between, you just need to maintain positive attitude and a certain patience level.

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