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Dr. Niraj Goenka

MD Dermatologist
Hair Transplant Surgeon
Location : Surat

Dr. Niraj Goenka is a well-known personality in the dermatological and hair transplant circles. He has completed his MD Skin & VD as from NHL Medical College, Ahmedabad and MBBS from Dr. S.N.College, Jodhpur. He has undergone a six-month Observership and Training in USA on the subject besides working as a consultant for one of the largest cosmetic laser centre and spending one and a half years as a Consultant Dermatologist to various hospitals in Ahmedabad and Surat.

Treatment Provided

  • FUE Hair Transplant
  • BIO FUE Hair Transplant
  • Direct Hair Transplant


  • MD – Dermatology
  • Dermatologist/Cosmetologist


  • Surat

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Hair Transplant Cost in Surat

Treatment Hair Transplant Cost (INR)
FUE Hair Transplant 35/Graft*
Body Hair Transplant 45/Graft*
Beard Hair Transplant 60/Graft*
Moustache Hair Transplant 60/Graft*
Eyebrow Hair Transplant 60/Graft*
Eyelash Hair Transplant 60/Graft*
PRP Therapy 15000 – Per Session

The process of hair transplantation is a newer one for some people of the country. The process is heard by almost all but, not known by all in actual. They know that it can make the difference in their life but, do not opt for it. The hair transplant cost Surat is a very effective affair because of its past successful results and limited budget too. But, if we really consider the past result of the body hair transplant, the people with no any single hair at the prescribed area can get the hairline with the good growth at the target area. The new transplant therapies that are introduced in to our country can bring astonishing results in people giving them the boost up for their life to excel and perform much better in their respective fields.

Various popular therapies used to regain the hair being lost from any part of the human body are the PRP Therapy and Mesotherapy and direct hair transplant. Because of the best results and the least side effects of both the therapies, they are being in practice in very frequent. The post side effects of these therapies least for very short duration, that is for weeks only and the person can live back the life normally as they wish they could. The part that has been repaired with hair transplantation treatment will give a natural look and even you will not realize where the hair was being treated.

Most of the men avail for these methods from the surgeons for the beard hair transplant or the moustache hair transplant so as to achieve the shape of the hair of their beard and moustache of their style and give more bloom to their style and beauty. It is very difficult for a naïve person to get to acknowledge all the therapy concepts available that can help them to regain the hair back. Instead of getting to all, one must ask from the surgeon for their advice for the therapy that can go best with your problem and then from their options, you can search for the prescribed therapy and decide whether that one is good for you or not in the future also. You must do a better homework on the post effects of the therapy you are making your mind to avail.

The PRP therapy that is basically the platelet rich plasma therapy involves the differentiation of rich and poor plasma present in the donor's body and utilizing the rich platelet for the growth of other body tissues and diffusing the poor platelet out of the body. Since, it is a somewhat costlier treatment; very few people go for this process of regaining the hair. It gives the growth factors to the weak area which is resistant for the good growth of the hair.

On the whole, one can surely go for the hair transplants therapies from a skilled and experienced surgeon but, only after a thorough research.

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