Hair Transplant in Mumbai


The history of Mumbai is known to be a very rich one and the origin of this stunning city dates over a thousand years. After the demise of Asoka, Bombay was basically taken over by various Hindu heads up until 1343. Long before the arrival of both Portuguese and British, the city of Mumbai was actually a collection of 7 islands. Bombay, which is now known as Mumbai, is home to around 10 million people. It is a thriving cosmopolitan, multi-cultural city, and is the centre of India’s entertainment, health and commercial nerve-centre. Mumbai, also known as the prolific film city of India is another tourist attraction which is home to some of the best talent in all fields to include medicine, entertainment etc. The clinical surgeons in and around Mumbai are known to provide treatment solutions of International reputes in FUT and Bio FUE, which are very cost effective and time efficient

There are basically over 100 clinics offering hair transplant in Mumbai and who are very experienced in carrying out series of highly successful 3rd generation advanced hair transplant sessions. Mumbai also provides quality and cheap hair transplant sessions using some of the most advanced surgical technique by health experts who have been in the art for more than two decades and counting. ·The clinical physicians in Mumbai are well tested in most cost effective procedures, hair restoration, hair transplantation and hair replacement treatments in Mumbai. Hair transplant cost in Mumbai clinics can be gotten at low cost budgets and the FUE hair transplant in Mumbai has a very high result rate since this procedure is the follicle/ graft harvesting technique done without cutting the scalp.