Hair transplant in Bangalore

Hair loss in men and women with increasing age is a very common problem today. Men have a common problem hair called “male pattern baldness”.
Hair transplantation does not increase the number of your hair on the scalp. In this process, taking the hair from the back part of the scalp, the hair is transplanted in that part where there is no hair so that you can look good and gets full head coverage and making sure that the donor area does not look too bad. In the therapeutic treatment of hair fall, the nutrients like vitamins are given importance in the diet before surgery. Apart from this, some medicines are given. The laser is also used. These days, many advanced therapeutic techniques such as Platelet Rich plasma and laser etc. are available. If these measures are not effective, then the hair transplant in Bangalore is done as the final option. Bangalore being quite advanced in the terms of technology is the best and apt place to get hair transplant treatment. You will also be able to find the best hair transplant doctors in Bangalore in some of the fully equipped hair transplant clinic in Bangalore.
Final Choice — Hair transplant In the hair transplant, surgery hair follicles are transferred from the posterior part of the head, which are genetically strong hairs. Surgeons genetically use these strong hair roots or follicles and transplant it in the part of the head where the hair is not present. This process is called Follicular Hair Transplant, which is executed with two methods — FUT; and FUE . The difference between these two methods is that in this, the way the roots of the hair are taken from the posterior part of the head and then they are transplanted. The result of both methods is similar. FUT&; Surgery
Follicular Unit Transfer (FUT) is a surgery for hair transplantation, in which a thin strip from the scalp is removed from the posterior part of the head and it is used to fill the place where there is no hair or have too little hair. In which, anaesthetic injection is given to eliminate sensation and any kind of pain. After removing the hair the surgeon applies stitches. Usually, this part is not visible, because it is hidden from the surrounding dense hair immediately.
After this, the strip of scalp removed is carefully divided into smaller sections, in which there is only one follicle or every follicle has only a few hairs. The number or type of transplantation depends on the type of grafts, quality and colour as well as the size of the area where it is transplanted. Accordingly, the surgeons prepare the part where the hair has to be transplanted. In that part, with help of a special knife or needle small holes are made and softly, each graft is inserted into each hole. Another operation may be needed to improve the density of the hair.
FUE technology Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is a technique where the follicular unit or hair follicles are removed one by one from the patients donor part and transplanted one by one in the area where there is no hair. In this, a special tool is used to remove the hair and then it is implanted in the required place. The advantage of this method is that there is no trace of cuttings and no need to put the stitches.
FUE technology is good for men who want to keep their hair short. You need to take a painkiller and antibiotic medicines for a few days after hair transplantation. Your surgeon may ask you to keep the head bandaged at least for a day or two. Most people return to work after two to five days after surgery. Within two to three weeks of surgery, the transplanted hair falls, but you will see that new hair will start developing within a few months. Most people are seen to develop new hair after 6 to 9 months of surgery. Additional steps may be needed to make hair thicker or improve its density. At last, the cost of the hair transplant in Bangalore depends on the number of the grafts, clinic, doctor, patients & medicals condition. The final amount might seem to be expensive but is cost-effective in terms of longevity and results.