Symptoms, Causes and Treatment of Hair Loss

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How to know if you are facing upcoming baldness or hair loss?

There is the difference between hair loss (Medical Term “Alopecia”) & hair fall. Hair fall is the normal process of hair life cycle but hair loss is losing the hair rapidly without regrowth of hair.

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At the time you comb your hair, you will see many hair strands coming in a comb. But whether this hair fall is leading to hair loss/baldness or its normal process of hair life cycle? If you want to know about the signs of hair loss, then today’s article is written just for you. Let’s tell you something that lets you know about hair loss.

Hair loss is also known by a word Latin, alopecia, which is defined as partial or total loss of hair on your scalp or whole body.

Hair Thinning

When you start feeling that your hair is becoming thin day by day, that’s an indication to take action immediately. That is when you see lots of hair on a brush, on bathroom drains, pillows, car and all the places where you sit. And this is something which is not normal. Up to 100 hair stands are shed off daily which is a process of normal hair life cycle.

Bald Spots

Bald spots start developing on the scalp and which you may not be able to see as prominently as the balding spots are usually not in the normal range of view. Thus if you feel you are facing hair loss problem by having hair thinning, then it’s important to examine your full head minutely to find if you have bad spots anywhere.

Treatments for hair fall problems will help you reverse this issue like home remedies; hair transplant in Bangalore can help you get added volume to your hair and allows you wear the same confidence as before.

Severe Hair Loss & Noticeable Scalp Show

Doing a test for this will be the best thing to know if you are facing the hair loss. If you run your fingers through hair and you get a bunch of broken hair, this is an alarm when you need to know the exact reason for the hair loss as this is something abnormal. Before it’s too late you must consider hair loss solutions as quickly as possible.

There are many reasons for hair loss; following is the list of the reasons due to which you are facing hair loss

  • Hereditary
  • Skin Problem
  • Fungal Infection
  • Poor Nutrition
  • Auto-immune condition
  • Hormonal Failure
  • Extreme Styling
  • Thyroid
  • Anaemia
  • Physical or Emotional shock
  • Medications and medical treatments
  • Anxiety, busy life style/trauma/Emotional or physical
  • Over dosage Of Vitamin A
  • Pregnancy / Menopause/ Hormonal imbalance
  • Deficiency of vitamin B
  • Deficiency of protein
  • Alopecia Areata
  • Weight loss
  • After effects of chemotherapy
  • Diabetes mellitus

Treatment of hair:

Five ways you can treat hair fall. These treatments include

  • Hair Multi-Vitamin
  • Anti Hair Fall Shampoos
  • Hair transplantation in Bangalore
  • Laser comb
  • Hair treatment pills

Choosing the solution depends on personal needs and how much do you want to invest to treat hair loss. If you do not care about the expense the best option is the hair transplant. By choosing hair transplant as a solution, you can get rid of hair loss forever. It is the most hassle-free, natural and safe method to get those tresses back, you always wanted to.

Hair transplantation is an effective way with which you can get natural hair on your head. In this process, the hair from the back side of the head is implanted on the head where there are symptoms of baldness. This is the  latest technology that has come up in hair transplantation are called Follicular unit hair transplant (FUTH) and Follicular Unit Separation Extraction (FUSE). The cases are proved to be successful through FUTH and FUSE where drugs and other medications have failed.